Innovation Centres

Pack Innovation Centre, Halle, Germany

Coveris’ Pack Innovation Centre (PIC) in Halle, Germany, is an industry leading technical facility dedicated to research and development, product testing, training and innovation delivery.

  • Development team and state-of-the-art packaging lines available
  • Develop new packaging concepts and solutions based on market trends
  • Validate new packaging concepts and solutions prior to market launch​
  • Offer pre-series packaging testing for joint projects
  • Packaging training programmes, both internally and for customers

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The Pack Positive® Centre, Leeds, UK

We believe packaging should be functional, minimise its environmental footprint, and be easy to deal with after use. The aim of the Pack Positive Centre® is to deliver packaging solutions in that sweet spot. Located in Leeds UK, we focus on the three core areas of insight, design and education to provide a range of services from ideation through to pack creation and education:

  • Insight: Know the market trends and what consumers want
  • Design: Planet friendly packaging with shelf appeal 
  • Education: Leading our industry through expert knowledge and insight

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Cooperation with universities, research institutes and associations, worldwide

  • Solid network for sustainable development and growth
  • University for Packaging, Vienna
  • Leeds Beckett University Retail Institute
  • CEFLEX (European collaborative initiative)
  • FPE Association (Flexible Packaging Europe)