Making waves in our vision of no waste.

No Waste.

Our mission is to provide the best eco-efficient high-performance packaging solutions - both from a product and an operational perspective.

No Waste. We believe that fighting waste in all its forms, including litter and landfill, is the driving force of a more sustainable future. We at Coveris have the clear ambition to lead the industry on this subject. 

This is why we built our entire sustainability strategy around this vision of No Waste - no product waste, no packaging waste and no operational waste.

No product waste.

Protecting products to avoid consumer and food waste

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With packaging perceived as waste, its real value is often overlooked. It has a clear purpose – avoiding (food) waste and keeping products, fresh, safe and clean. Our packaging portfolio offers a wide range of technologically advanced functionalities to protect consumer goods, keeping them safe and hygienic for the consumer and extending the period during which the product can be used. 

No packaging waste.

Fostering recyclability and recycling for all Coveris packaging

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Beyond the functional role of our packaging, we recognise our responsibility to minimise the environmental impact of our products. Our lightweight product portfolio supports a lower carbon footprint compared to alternative packaging solutions and we continuously seek new ways to reduce packaging and offer more sustainable materials. Coveris dedicates significant resources to further developing eco-efficient recyclable packaging solutions, – such as our MonoFlex range, our Bag-in-Bag solution or reusing post-consumer waste in films. Duralite R, our recyclable printed collation shrink film which won the Flexible Plastic Pack of the Year in the recent UK Packaging Awards is a perfect testimony to what our teams can achieve with the right focus and dedication.

No operational waste.

Striving towards zero net waste across our global operations

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Coveris is committed to doing everything it can to achieve a zero net waste balance at all its production sites. Whether it is raw materials, water, energy or consumables – eliminating waste is in Coveris’ DNA. To further strengthen this initiative dedicated Green Teams are being deployed at each site to ensure involvement of all employees towards reducing waste in all areas possible.

Coveris is also committed to green energy and we will progressively convert our manufacturing sites towards an increased use of renewable energy sources.

Recent achievements include Kufstein generating 100% of its power needs from renewable sources, Alexandria sourcing power from water energy, Neuwied using natural gas power and Winsford developing a recycling hub project – just to name a few.

Sustainability Commitment.

We are committed to living our sustainability mission every day as an essential element of our corporate culture.

We are committed to working with preferred business partners who share our sustainability values and support us to achieve our vision.

We are committed to joining forces within our industry to support our vision of No Waste.