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Market Applications

Sealant products for adhesive laminations

Combining award winning functionality, superior pack integrity and product protection, adhesive laminate seal layers utilise innovative co-extrusion technology to deliver a range of benefits for all food and non-food applications.

Applying pioneering multi-layer extrusion technology and scientific expertise to everyday products, Coveris’ range of sealing films are formulated to meet the specific needs of each product. From seal type, opening, re-closure, barrier protection, visual clarity and combinations provide robust solutions to consumer requirements.

Our adhesive laminate seal layers are manufactured using up to 9-layers to deliver combinations of functionality in a single film reducing product complexity and removing processing steps  

Performance Benefits


  • Extensive seal type range including weld, burst, peel and reseal structures
  • Weld, peel and reclose sealing to PP, PET, PVC, PS for lidding applications
  • Low-temperature sealing options for increased process efficiency, speed, and seal through contamination
  • High barrier options for improved shelf life and quality retention
  • Anti-fog, antistatic, and specialist additives for custom requirements
  • Seal layers available in white or coloured finish
  • Approved for direct food contact
  • FDA, IMS and BRC compliant
  • Supported onsite lab for technical development and testing and by market leading quality control systems


All lidding, form, fill and seal, and bag formats for food and non-food applications.


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