Combining world leading extrusion technologies, material science and expert know-how, Coveris films are positioned at the forefront of innovative material development. Protecting what matters most, from food safety to product shelf-life and supply-chain integrity, we provide a vast range of high-performance films to suit all applications.

With capabilities spanning from simple mono films and functional layers through to complex 9-layer laminate structures, films are supplied for use in conversion, print and lamination across various industries and formats including FFS, collation shrink, stretch and shrink films, lidding, liquid, processing and vacuum packs.

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Film capabilities:

  • Multi-layer and EVOH barrier technology
  • 1-9 layer extrusion capability
  • Unrivalled formulations and combinations of functional layers giving the broadest performance window with tailored attributes in terms of strength, seal and aesthetics
  • Fully-equipped analytical laboratory
  • Supported by R&D capabilities and purpose-built facility
  • Testing facility for oxygen and moisture barrier, mechanical performance and seal behaviour
  • Market leading quality control systems for improved safety and consistency