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Lesen Sie hier Robert's Interview in Deutsch.


Printing Shift Supervisor, Robert Ogris, joined Coveris Kufstein in Austria eight years ago. Robert joined us with no experience in the industry and with internal training, progressed to become a printer before advancing further into a supervisor role. Find out more about his experience at Coveris in this interview.


What do you typically do during a printing shift?

My main task is to ensure that the shifts run smoothly while producing high quality print. This includes various preparations for the current and the following shift, administrative activities such as sample checks and coordination between various internal departments.


What do you enjoy most about your role?

It's a very interesting and varied job. There are a lot of variables to manage in the printing process and we set very high standards for our work. Coordinating these various factors ensures we never get bored.


What is your favourite part of being in the Coveris team?

Setting up a print job down to the smallest detail and working towards a perfect print image is what I like best.


What are the challenges?

There are various challenges in everyday work related to time, such as dealing with time pressure or the timely scheduling of orders.


What is your biggest achievement at Coveris so far?

The greatest success was my personal and professional development from starting at Coveris with no experience in the industry to becoming a shift supervisor.


What do you find most interesting working in the packaging industry?

What I find most exciting is that packaging is much better than its reputation. Packaging is extremely important for the transport and shelf life of food, for example, and therefore working in the packaging industry makes a lot of sense. I am also particularly pleased that environmental considerations are playing an increasingly important role and that recycled materials are being incorporated into new packaging more and more often.


Do you have any advice for someone considering applying for a job in the printing department at a Coveris plant?

I would tell them, apply, you will not regret it because there are great opportunities to develop professionally.


Outside of work, what are your interests?

Outside of work, I enjoy reading, playing chess, doing some sports and trading.


Thanks for giving us an insight into your role, Robert. Interested in career opportunities at Coveris? Visit coveris.com/careers/join-the-team