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Leading packaging manufacturer Coveris has used its market leading film science and technical capabilities to develop a new cereal liner solution. The Cereal+ liner has been created to deliver packer performance, shelf life and consumer functionality using a newly developed formulation.

Coveris has been proactive in utilising its technical expertise and capabilities to develop a new cereal and dry food packaging solution. The solution, Cereal+, has been created for bag-in-box packaging, typically used by many brands and retailers for consumer cereal products. Coveris has developed Cereal+ using co-extrusion technology to achieve the required performance, shelf life and functional properties via an innovative new formulation.

Coveris’ Cereal+ liner is made from fully recyclable polyethylene and provides product protection, freshness and shelf life for cereals and dry foods packed in bag-in-box films. Cereal+ has been developed with burst-peel functionality for consumer ease of opening and improved puncture resistance without compromising on sealing integrity and efficiency during packing.

Cereal+ liners are available with additional gas barrier properties for added protection and can be used for both household cereal and catering pack applications. Manufactured at Coveris Winsford, Cereal+ has now launched and in the supply chain for consumer cereal packaging.

Sujoy Bose, Sales Director at Coveris Winsford explains: “Coveris identified an opportunity to advance its cereal film liner products and with our film science laboratory and technical capabilities in co-extrusion, developed a new solution, Cereal+. Cereal+ leads the way in film innovation for this sector using a new formulation sourced from different raw materials. This supports our customers with a wider choice of high quality, high performance recyclable cereal liner packaging for their products.”

Coveris recently announced over £6M of machine and infrastructure investments at its Winsford site. The stretch films transformation project, which took almost a year of development, positions Coveris Winsford as a centre of excellence for industrial, agricultural and recycled stretch products. Take a virtual tour of the new facility here.


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