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Delivering a fully circular, reduced CO2 solution for multi-pack products, Coveris’ new Duralite™ R range offers a next generation shrink film solution that is both 100% recyclable and contains up to 50% post-consumer recyclate (PCR), plus an optional pre-consumer top-up material.

As part of its ongoing sustainable journey to deliver recyclable flexible packaging solutions, Coveris’ new Duralite™ R shrink film provides a fully circular solution to meet both the environmental and legislative demands of the future.

Suitable for all secondary applications including multi-wrap cans and bottles, the new low-gauge, high-strength, high-clarity film is born out of Coveris’ market leading Duralite™ shrink brand which is used by all leading global brands in the beverage and grocery sector.

Containing up to 50% PCR (post-consumer recyclate) plus additional pre-consumer material top-up content, provided by Coveris’ own zero-waste circular manufacturing process at its extrusion facilities, the 100% recycled solution offsets the need for virgin materials whilst still maintaining the same robust performance, optical clarity and line efficiency. Available as printed and unprinted versions, the lightweight recycled, recyclable polyethylene (PE) packs also offer a significantly reduced carbon footprint compared to cardboard alternatives.

Currently extruded and printed across Coveris’ European site base, its Kufstein facility is Austria is also adding to the packs sustainable credentials by using 100% renewable and CO2-neutral energy sources to power its manufacturing processes.

Commenting on the new sustainable innovation, Martin Davis, President of Coveris’ Films business unit said “the development and launch of our new Duralite™ R film marks a major step forward in the development of sustainable plastics for a circular economy. Complementing our existing range of environmental films such as our recyclable PE for direct contact, the development of a fully recyclable, recycled secondary material that utilises our own waste stream and delivers a reduced carbon footprint supports both our own environmental goals and those of our customers, as well as meeting legislative targets on recycled content.”