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Market Applications

FLEXOTEAR® pouches are made of transparent plastic film on both sides. This ensures that they are particularly robust, with users able to identify their contents at a glance. The linear tear-open effect also makes them very easy to open. 

FLEXOTEAR® pouches with Tyvek® valves are particularly suited to sterilisation by ethylene oxide. They are also available without Tyvek® valves and are then solely for sterilisation by irradiation

Performance Benefits


  • Ethylene oxide 

  • Irradiation


  • Suitable for sterilisation by irradiation;  also by ethylene oxide thanks to Tyvek® valve 

  • Highest impermeability to bacteria enables long-term storage of sterile products, even in moist environments 

  • Fast, easy opening of the packaging thanks to  tear-open aids and special LINEARTEAR® effect 

  • Ideal for voluminous products due to sturdy seals 

  • See-through on both sides of pouch:  fast identification of contents 

  • No need to stick indicator tapes or labels  onto the packaging, as an ethylene oxide indicator can be printed onto the Tyvek® valve

  • Format limits: min. 100 x 200 mm and  max. 700 x 550 mm



  • Made of coextruded PE film and Tyvek® valves

  • Up to two valves are possible 

  • With tear-open aid and special LINEARTEAR® effect  (i.e. easy linear tear-open at a freely definable tear notch

  • FLEXOTEAR® pouches without Tyvek® valves can also be purchased under the LINEARTEAR® brand name. Featuring tear-open aids and the special LINEARTEAR® effect, these pouches are solely suitable for sterilisation by irradiation.

FLEXOTEAR® pouches comply with the standards DIN 58953, DIN EN 868 and DIN EN ISO 11607.


  • Germany