Tailor-made, multi-format flexible packaging solutions for food, beverage, pet care, medical, home and personal care sectors. From form, fill and seal to bags, lidding films and collation shrink, films are available in a multitude of formats, finishing and performance attributes.

Our vertically integrated capabilities in extrusion, print, lamination and finishing mean that Coveris can offer unrivalled functionality and integrity through material optimisation at source. Technical specifications are customised to product requirements and include barrier properties, shelf-life optimised perforation technologies, seal mechanisms, specialist coatings and functional features including reclose, laser perforation and scoring technologies.

With state-of-the-art print, colour and graphic technologies, we support a range of processes including conventional, HD flexo and rotogravure. Learn more about our print processes here

Flexible capabilities:

  • Formats include FFS, lidding, bags, pouches and collation shrink
  • Integrated extrusion to print supply model for improved control and material optimisation
  • Industry leading perforation technologies to manage moisture and respiration for extended shelf-life
  • Functional performance solutions to aid openability and reuse
  • Laser perforation and scoring technologies
  • Punch and needle perforation
  • Decorative effects include: metallic inks, tactile effects, combination varnishes and strip lamination
  • Specialist coatings: anti-mist, anti-fog, coldseal