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Market Applications

With the production of chain bags, we offer our customers a particularly economical packaging solution for small and medium applications. Chain bags are ideal for packing many products and have no alternative in terms of speed and efficiency. The use of food-grade polyethylene makes chain bags a perfect fit for food, confectionery, pet food, pharmaceutical products, bulk materials and many other products to be ready for sale right after the packing process is completed.

Chain bags are 3-side-sealed bags which are connected by a chain and supplied in carton boxes. They can be opened, filled and sealed in a proven, fully automatic process on the appropriate machine. The validated packaging solution reliably protects the product. Film properties such as barrier, thickness and size are adapted to customers’ individual requirements. For an attractive product presentation, the bag films can also be colored and printed.

Performance Benefits


  • Cost-effective packaging concept
  • Fully automatic processing
  • Manual packing supplemented or replaced
  • Reliable, proven application
  • Recycle-ready mono-material solution


  • Chilled food
  • Confectionery
  • Pet food
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Bulk materials


  • Germany
  • Hungary