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Read the press release in German here.


Coveris has started the New Year with the launch of a new stretch film for silage bale wrapping: Unterland R. The new member of the Coveris Unterland family offers enhanced sustainability features that respond to the growing demand for environmentally friendly baling solutions on the agricultural market.

Unlike previous films, the new version contains at least 30% recyclate from collected agricultural films. Due to the PCR content of the film, 20 litres of mineral oil can be saved per produced roll. The new film is produced at the Coveris Kufstein factory in Austria using only green energy, as the plant runs entirely on renewable resources. Thanks to the above factors, farmers can significantly reduce their carbon footprint by 23% and contribute to greater environmental protection simply by switching to Unterland R. 

Coveris has also increased the sustainable character of its film while maintaining its high quality. The multi-layered stretch film ensures the best possible protection for perfect bale wrapping. The new film has been tested by trusted Coveris partners all around the world in different weather conditions and using various conventional wrappers. It maintained the exact same quality no matter the environment. 

’We believe that the new Unterland R stretch film is what farmers have been looking for years – a sustainable yet highly effective and protective film for silage bale wrapping’, summarised Martin Wildinger, Sales Director for Agricultural Films at Coveris. 

You can see the Unterland R new stretch film live at the LAMMA Show in Birmingham from 4 to 5 May 2022. Alternatively, contact the Coveris team directly at www.coveris.com.