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A new all-paper packaging solution for produce, linerless MonoTop combines our current market-leading paper-based linerless label range with our extensive board punnet offering to deliver environmental, recyclability, and operational benefits. Sustainably sourced and recyclable under 2023 OPRL guidelines, our linerless MonoTop punnets use the latest linerless technology for efficient packing.

Delivering premium shelf presentation and an alternative to plastic formats, the packs offer a large printable area for product information and branding.

Coveris’ linerless MonoTop labels and punnets are available as a complete solution or separately

Performance Benefits

  • All-paper solution using sustainably sourced materials
  • Recyclable under 2023 OPRL guidelines
  • Alternative to plastic produce packaging
  • Inline date coding
  • Premium shelf presentation
  • Large printable area for branding and product information
  • Customised die-cut shapes for product visibility or consumer handling available
  • Developed in partnership with Ravenwood Packaging for label application


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