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Market Applications

Coveris' bag-in-bag (BIB) solution is a revolutionary new product innovation that makes recycling easier and simpler for consumers.

Combining the flexible and sustainable benefits of film with sustainably sourced paper, patented technology for easy separation enables us to support the growing demand for sustainable packaging solutions whilst still maintaining product safety and point of sale impact.  

The exclusive bag-in-bag solution combines an inner layer with strong barrier properties to protect the contents of the product, as well as a paper outer layer.

Performance Benefits


  • Eco-friendly packaging solution combining plastic and paper
  • An inner layer with strong barrier properties to protect the content
  • An outer layer of paper as a medium of communication
  • Easily separation of the two bags thanks to a precut tape
  • Each bag is fully recyclable
  • Available from 2 kg to 15 kg
  • Printing in flexography or rotogravure
  • Several opening aids available such as re-closable
  • Keeps your products safe
  • Available with window in front
  • Hot stamping


  • Pet food
  • Confectionary
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Home care
  • Industrial


  • France
  • Germany