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Market Applications


Ideal for netted products, Coveris’ wineglass labels are a non-adhesive, bespoke solution effectively communicating product information for a variety of food and non-food applications.

Available in paper, PP or PE materials, our wineglass labels can be coated on one side to allow thermal printing. Coveris’ paper-based wineglass tags are sustainably sourced, recyclable and tear-resistant. Compliant with 2023 OPRL recycling rules for front of store collections, our PP and PE wineglass labels are more suitable for colder temperatures.

Performance Benefits

  • Flexible and versatile format for communicating product information
  • Non-adhesive format, ideal for netted products
  • Select from paper, PE or PP label materials
  • Our paper-based wineglass labels are made from sustainably sourced materials
  • Our PP and PE wineglass labels are compliant with 2023 OPRL recycling rules
  • Printable in up to 10 colours in flexo
  • Bespoke shapes and sizes


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