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Market Applications

Coveris’ innovative range of stretch sleeves is made up of three key products; StretchTec sleeves which provide an easily separable, low-density technical sleeve for household, industrial and chemical products; StretchTec-R is our recycled technical sleeve option made with 40% rPE; and finally, StretchPro is our high cadence, sustainable sleeve solution for beverage.

Each of these products has unique characteristics designed for its target market. 

StretchTec sleeves combine premium decoration with lightweight material technology to support easy separation and flotation from bottle or container during the recycling process. Their ready-to-use format requires no heat or glue, making it more commercial and environmentally efficient. 

StretchTec-R offers advanced sustainable benefits through their use of recycled, recyclable polythene materials in combination with carbon friendly no glue, no heat application processes. Through our extensive capabilities in polymer science, extrusion, conversion and recycling, we provide full material control and traceability of recyclate content as part of our leading NO WASTE vision. 

StretchPro high cadence, performance sleeves support easy separation and recycling for beverage products. Our low-density PE films have now been developed to provide the lightest material options available. 

Download our product sales sheet below for more information on each solution. 

Performance Benefits


  • Stretch sleeves are available in three leading formats, StretchTec and StretchTec-R technical sleeves and high-cadence StretchPro solutions for beverage
  • All sleeves are designed to maximise recycling through their super lightweight properties 
  • Maximise on-shelf impact through 8 colour 360° HD flexo print and special FX
  • Sleeves can used as secondary decoration as well as bundling bands for double packs
  • High elasticity offers a deformation rate up to 55%
  • No glue and no heat application reduce carbon impact and cost  
  • Innovative high-protective varnishes replace the need for laminated sleeves to deliver environmental and process efficiencies 
  • Low density rPE versions are available with 40% recycled content 


  • Beverage
  • Hygiene & personal care products
  • Dairy
  • Detergents
  • Chemical liquids
  • Promotional batch


  • Germany