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Market Applications

Lined board products offer a unique packaging experience for food on the move and convenience categories through their combination of shelf life benefits, advanced protection, consumer functionality and visual appeal.

With a vast array of hybrid formats for prepared foods such as sandwiches, wraps, salads and snacks, our innovative range works to support the needs of the entire supply-chain from packing line efficiency to shelf-space optimisation and improved consumer functionality.

Scientifically engineered with Coveris’ Freshlife® shelf life technology, our lined board formats work to enhance the quality, freshness and integrity of your products to reduce waste and improve on-shelf appeal. Supported by industry leading technical teams and state-of-the-art development facilities, custom solutions are tailored to meet the unique demands of each product.

Aligned with sustainability targets and industry guidelines, Coveris’ innovative lined board development is focussed on resource efficiency, material downgauging, recyclability, responsible sourcing and food waste reduction.

Performance Benefits


  • Sustainably sourced cartonboard 
  • Paper, OPP, PE and cellulose liners 
  • 1-8 colour conventional/HD flexo
  • Standard formats include sandwich skillets, wrap boxes, Grab Box and lidded trays
  • Freshlife® film technology enhances shelf life, quality and freshness
  • Moisture controlled properties enhance visibility & appearance
  • Bespoke and standardised range of constructs and closures
  • Excellent product visibility and robust on-shelf performance for product protection
  • Integrated film and cartonboard supply model to drive innovation


  • Convenience
  • Food-to-go
  • Foodservice


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