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Market Applications

Sustainably sourced and recyclable

Cartonboard trays and punnets provide a sustainably sourced and recyclable alternative to plastic formats. Lightweight, robust and protective, switching to cartonboard punnets and trays can reduce plastic weight by up to 80%.

Off­ering multi-format, multi-process print technology, trays and punnets are available in up to 6 colour litho or up to 9 colour flexo for volume and value options and attractive instore presentation.

Compatible with our award winning Freshlife® scientifically developed films, our cartonboard and film combinations achieve improved shelf life and product freshness for longer.

Performance Benefits


  • Sustainably sourced
  • Recyclable
  • Shelf life benefit when combined with Coveris’ scientifically developed Freshlife® films
  • Lightweight, robust and protective alternative to plastic
  • Standard range of sizes available aligned with plastic tray formats
  • Fully printable 6 colour litho or 9 colour flexo for improved shelf presentation
  • Bespoke designs, constructs and finishes


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