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Market Applications

Recyclable monomaterial thermoforming films

Coveris’ innovative and recyclable MonoFlex Thermoform films provide a breakthrough for thermoforming packaging. Providing a direct replacement for non-recyclable alternatives such as nylon, our MonoFlex Thermoform packaging is produced from high performance monomaterial PE or PP substrates.

MonoFlex Thermoform offers adjustable barrier properties to suit shelf-life requirements and strong puncture resistance for product protection. Its wide operating window ensures efficient packing speeds and a seamless switch from other materials.

Supporting consumer communication and on-shelf appeal, MonoFlex Thermoform is available with a printed top film including gloss and matt lacquer options.

Performance Benefits


  • Recyclable monomaterial single substrate and laminate films
  • Available in PE or PP
  • Replacement to non-recyclable packaging alternatives, achieving a carbon footprint reduction
  • Nylon (PA) and PET free
  • Adjustable barrier properties for product application requirements and increased shelf life 
  • Strong puncture resistance
  • Wide operating window and efficient packing speeds
  • Fully printable lidding film 
  • Innovation supported by Coveris’ forward-thinking Film Science and Food Science Labs


  • Germany
  • UK