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Market Applications

Lightweight, sustainable packaging solutions with a reduced thickness of 52µm total film thickness. This special sealing layer of the lidding film allows the sealing and peeling against a mono A-PET film. As a result, the PE layer of the bottom film is no longer required. By using a foamed A-PET bottom material the total weight of the packaging is reduced even further.

The unique character of the sealing quality is a white sealing imprint after opening the packaging. The desired safety aspect for the packers is given.

Performance Benefits


  • Sealable to mono PET
  • Good sealing properties through contamination
  • Visible white sealing imprint –  as known from standard PE peel
  • Cost and weight savings achieved via mono PET bottom film
  • Improved recyclability of bottom film


  • Processed meat and sausage
  • Ready meals
  • Fresh meat – with anti-fog properties
  • Fish
  • Dried goods and snacks
  • Other food products on request


  • Germany
  • UK