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Market Applications

Designed to meet European procedures, Coveris’ Labio bags are used as internal hospital and external secondary packaging for the transportation of biological substances of category B (UN3373). Liquid-tight, Labio bags are compliant to International and European standards for the transport of infectious substances (ADR2013/P650 - WHO/HSE/ GCR/2012.12 - ISO 15189).

Labio bags feature a secure closure, unique easy-opening system, trace and trace serialisation and leak resistance properties for enhanced safety, transportation and identification of samples.

Performance Benefits


  • Suited for internal hospital and external secondary packaging
  • Sample security and protection
  • Single use solution for reduced risk of contamination from other samples or nosocomial infections
  • Leak resistant properties ensure samples are safely enclosed during transport
  • Recyclable
  • Conforms to UN3373 packaging regulations for Biological and Infectious substances
  • Track and trace serialisation improves identification, traceability and enhances the audit process
  • Print customisation with up to 8 colours for differentiation and branding
  • Available with an adhesive paper label, removable receipt and absorbent pad


Medical samples containing:

  • Blood
  • Bodily fluids & excretion
  • Evidence
  • Infectious substances
  • Medications
  • Swabs
  • Tissue samples


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