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Market Applications

Intervoid® Ultraseal LR bags provide an efficient, leak resistant secondary sampling solution for the UN3373 compliant transportation of category B biological substances. Lightweight, ultra-secure bags are also compliant with international and European standards for the transport of infectious substances (ADR2017/P650 WHO/HSE/GCR/2012.12 - ISO 15189) and feature a patented Intervoid® closure alongside trace and trace serialisation for enhanced safety and security.

Performance Benefits


  • Leak resistant closure to protect against cross-contamination, infection and tampering
  • UN3373 compliant for transport of category B biological samples
  • Thinner material for a lower carbon footprint
  • Used as secondary transportation packaging in combination with primary sampling vessel
  • Patented tamper evident Intervoid® closure technology for high level security and protection
  • Unique intermittent seal mechanism
  • Customise with bespoke print and sizing to suit the application
  • Serialisation track and trace technology supports unique sample identification and tracing
  • Designed for single use for maximum safety and security


  • Medical & healthcare sampling
  • Laboratory testing
  • Drug testing
  • Sport science, analysis & research
  • Crime & forensic evidence
  • Animal health & welfare


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