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Market Applications

Intervoid® Ultraseal 95kPa bags are the product of leading collaboration between Coveris and diagnostic sample collection and transport specialist, MedDX650. Delivering an unrivalled leak and tamper proof secondary packaging solution for the transportation of biological substances at high pressure, bags utilise patented Intervoid® tamper-evident seal and track and trace technology for enhanced protection and security.

Developed for use in pharmaceutical, medical, healthcare, bioscience and forensic industries, Intervoid® Ultraseal 95kPa solutions are supported by diagnostic sample collection and regulatory compliant transport through our sales partner, MedDX650.

Performance Benefits


  • Leak proof to an internal pressure of 95kPa (0.95 bar)
  • UN3373 compliant for transport of category B biological samples by road
  • Used as secondary transporation packaging in combination with primary sampling vessel
  • Patented tamper evident Intervoid® closure technology for high level security and protection
  • Serialisation track and trace technology supports unique sample identification and tracing
  • Write on panels and content selections for improved information transfer
  • Designed for single use for maximum safety and security
  • Full diagnostic sample collection and regulatory compliant transport solutions provided by MedDX650


  • Medical & healthcare sampling
  • Laboratory testing
  • Drug testing
  • Sport science, analysis & research
  • Crime & forensic evidence
  • Animal health & welfare


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