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Market Applications

As one of the leading PP film producers in Europe, we are aware of our responsibility by maintaining the highest standard for raw-materials and manufacturing. We are involved in developing sustainable solutions for our environment by fulfilling the highest of standards. In constant search of improved solutions for our customers and their needs, we are focussed on intensive research and the advancement of existing application technologies. This means unique product characteristics without compromise. 

Performance Benefits


  • Retort/non-retort: PP sealing films adjusted to your specific application (quick seal, broad seal, sealing through powder or any fat contamination, good hot-tack and lap-seal characteristics)
  • Various sealing applications with extraordinary seal bond strength and advantages of high seal bond integrity with low S.I.T. down to 105 °C
  • Custom made films with anti-staining properties, easy-tear applications, peel, antifog etc.
  • Outstanding printability based on high transparency, optimised stiffness and tear resistance
  • CPP peel films performance include retort applications, as well as peel films with exact defined peel performance (peel force). Main peel film systems are available, in adhesive peel, cohesive peel and surface peel


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