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Market Applications

Practical pouches with a flap

Our FLEXOPEEL® header pouches are equipped with an opening header made of Tyvek®. Enabling safe and user-friendly packaging, they are particularly suitable for voluminous products. These header pouches boast all the advantages of FLEXOPEEL® material, such as high strength, far lower sensitivity to moisture than paper, and excellent permeability to gas and air.

Performance Benefits


  • Ethylene oxide

  • Irradiation


  • Extremely high puncture resistance 

  • High permeability to gas and air thanks to Tyvek®,  enabling fast and safe sterilisation and ventilation 

  • User-friendly peel system on the header and overlap at the filling aperture ensure easy opening and filling of the pouch 

  • Far less sensitive to moisture than paper: impermeable to bacteria even in moist environments 

  • Impermeability to bacteria enables long-term storage of sterile products 

  • Sterile extraction thanks to entirely fibre-free and splinter-free peel effect

  • High seal strength for packaging of voluminous products 

  • Fast identification of contents



  • Made of various composite films  (e.g. coextruded PE film or a combination of PE/PA/PE)  with a peelable header made of coated Tyvek®

  • Front side made of composite film, divided rear side  featuring composite film and Tyvek® header 

  • Very well suited to voluminous products 

  • With or without gas indicator

FLEXOPEEL® header pouches comply with the standards DIN 58953, DIN EN 868 and DIN EN ISO 11607.


  • Germany