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Market Applications

Low-gauge, high-strength performance film for hand application

Super hand stretch film is a high-performance film designed for industrial hand wrap applications.  Applying Coveris‘ pioneering co-extrusion material technologies, our super-downgauged film delivers major yield gains over standard formulations to provide a low-gauge, high-strenth performance film for easy application.

With a reduced carbon footprint and made from 100% recyclable polyethylene (PE), our unique co-extrusion capabilities enable the integration of post-industrial waste in film layers to offer a sustainably superior solution for your supply-chain.

As part of Coveris’ market leading stretch films range, similiar products also include pre-stretch, BLAST hybrid and cast stretch.

Performance Benefits


  • High performance multi-layer performance film
  • Reduced carbon footprint and plastic consumption
  • High clarity, low gauge
  • Hand reel format with core type options
  • Replaces normal hand wrap giving yield savings
  • Reduced packaging and transport costs
  • 100% recyclable
  • Includes post-industrial waste (PIW) reclaim
  • Colour options available


  • Hand wrapping of pallets where superior performance is required
  • Downgauging from standard films
  • Wrapping in chilled conditions


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