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Market Applications

Protection, reliability and transport safety are of highest importance for any kind of packaged good. Nevertheless, heavy, sharp edged or instable products are difficult to pack. We offer the perfect solution for such goods with its 3 or 5-layer cast extrusion polyethylene stretch film.

Powerstretch film has a higher puncture resistance and therefore provides increased safety over other films. It reaches a pre-stretch of more than 300%, which ensures high elasticity and excellent stability as well as less film consumption. Furthermore a reduction of thickness of Powerstretch film is possible thanks to the special cast extrusion technology. All these advantages guarantee an economical usage of stretch film.

Performance Benefits


  • High elasticity and excellent stability
  • Extraordinary high puncture resistance and more safety for the packed goods
  • Reliable and safe packaging of goods
  • Intelligent and customised solutions for your individual requirements


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