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Market Applications

Coveris’ high performance construction films are paramount to maintaining safety and durability throughout the extended product lifecycle. Available in a range of specialist applications including moisture barrier and damp proof membrane (DPM) for groundworks, radon barrier and simple temporary protective sheeting (TPS).

Construction films are manufactured in a range of colours and gauges. For UK markets, films are printed with the appropriate BBA/BBE accreditation and reels are individually labelled and wrapped in Tuffreel® wrappers.

Produced in widths from 1m - 4m and supplied as centre fold or multi fold sheet.

Performance Benefits


  • Made from recyclable PE materials
  • Mono material with built in performance features
  • Supported by Coveris’ circular manufacturing process, films are made from recycled content * BBA accredited (where applicable)
  • Printed with certification (where applicable)
  • Available in a range of colours and thicknesses
  • Industry leading co-ex capabilities and Film Science Lab to supported R&D formulation and testing

*Not flame retardant


  • Radon Barrier: Protects against naturally occurring, cancer causing radon gases. Highly durable
  • Water Vapour Barrier (WVB): Suitable for use in protection against condensation and moisture ingress
  • Temporary Protective Sheeting (TPS): Ideal for temporary protection of structures, pallets and goods outdoors


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