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Market Applications

Ultra-performance cast replacement films for industrial application

Our innovative BLAST hybrid stretch is a blown film formulated from a unique co-ex multilayer blend to offer the same low-noise, high-clarity characteristics of cast film, but with superior strength.

As a sustainable (100% recyclable), cost-effective alternative to cast, the low-gauge, high-stretch 11MU hybrid delivers major weight savings of around 50% compared to 17MU standard cast or 13MU super cast. Optics and noise levels make BLAST suitable for cast applications and is PIB free so suitable for sensitive applications.

As part of Coveris’ market leading stretch films range, similar products also include super hand stretch, pre-stretch and cast stretch.

Performance Benefits


  • Replaces cast film with significant yield savings
  • Reduced carbon footprint, reduced plastic consumption
  • 100% recyclable
  • High-clarity
  • Low-noise
  • Hand and machine reel formats
  • Faster application
  • No migratory additives
  • Black films also available


  • Hand film
  • Machine film


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