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Market Applications

Innovative gas barrier technology available for all standard food and non-food films

Technically developed to deliver functional performance, extended product shelf life and product freshness, Coveris’ EVOH films enable the application of oxygen barrier properties to single-substrate materials via sophisticated co-extrusion technology.

Coveris’ barrier films enable various levels of gas barrier to suit a range of food and non-food end user sectors and applications. Up to 9-layer blends permit combinations of functional layers to give the broadest performance window with tailored attributes in terms of strength, seal and aesthetics into a single film.

Our barrier range is supported by our industry-leading analytical laboratory offering onsite testing of oxygen and moisture barrier in addition to product testing for mechanical and seal performance for all products.

Performance Benefits:


  • PE co-ex barrier films for high-performance, sustainable advantage
  • Supplied for use in conversion/print in various packaging formats including FFS, lidding, liquid and vacuum packs
  • Predominantly used in food packaging sector for meat, fish, cheese and poultry, produce and bakery sectors for maximised shelf life and freshness
  • Burst peel layer and reclose options deliver added value functionality for consumer convenience
  • Multiple layers combining functions in a single film reduce process steps and increase efficiency
  • Available with sealant to suit application: PE/PP/PET/Foil
  • Tailored high barrier properties to oxygen, aromas, chemical resistance and mineral oil (MOSH/MOAH) migration
  • Additive options such as anti-fog, anti-static or UV screen are available
  • State of the art analytical lab testing to support product development and validation


  • Meat, fish and poultry packaging
  • Cheese
  • Fresh and prepared produce
  • Bakery
  • Non-food applications including medical