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Market Applications

Coveris is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality plastic films, offering the agricultural sector innovative, high-end stretch films for wrapping of silage bales. Compared to other animals, horses are very demanding concerning the quality of their feed. Bale haylage produces high-quality feed which contains only low dust and is therefore ideal for horses.


  • Greater strength: Hard stalks can penetrate the wrapping film. Pegasus is significantly stronger and can therefore bend hard stalks downwards during the wrapping process.
  • Greater resistance to penetration: The straw stubble left in the field can puncture the film when the bales are laid on the ground. Pegasus is significantly stronger, and therefore prevents the wrapped bales from being penetrated.
  • Adheres better: Silage bales with haylage cannot be squeezed in the usual manner, and that is why more oxygen is pressed into the bales. Pegasus adheres better which prevents additional oxygen from entering them
  • Greater yield: The optimised stretch performance guarantees an especially high yield


  • Austria