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Market Applications

Coveris is a leading manufacturer of high quality plastic films and with Unterland Extra Plus, we offer the agricultural sector high-end quality stretch films for the wrapping of silage bales. Inline with our ongoing R&D, we produce a premium multi layered blown film which has maximum adhesion and trouble-free application. This premium product can be used on all varieties of wrapping machinery.

Performance Benefits


  • Excellent protection against water thanks to ideal adhesion: Optimally sealed bales thanks to the sealing effect. Smooth, overlapping edges prevent water from penetrating into film plies
  • Easy handling of silage bales: No annoying stickiness any longer. The special, gliding surface makes handling of the bales easier.
  • Less residue on the stretch unit: The new, one-sided gluing system reduces residue on your stretch unit and therefore allows for perfect pre- stretching
  • Greater yield: The optimised stretch performance guarantees an especially high yield
  • Excellent oxygen barrier: The special production using a blown process with selected types of raw materials gives the film a low oxygen permeability


  • Austria