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Market Applications

Unterland EfW (Energy from Waste) film is a stretch film which has been extruded for the waste packaging industry. With 25 years of experience in the area of stretch film for the agricultural industry, we can now offer a very high tack stretch film for the waste industry. Wrapping waste is the optimal way to transport this product cleanly and efficiently with an option to be able to store waste for a specific length of time.

Performance Benefits


  • High tack sealing: Unterland EfW film assures excellent closed bales due to our high tack sealing effect. Sealed film edges prevent water from entering the bales and prevent produce from leaking
  • Optimal storage: When the bales are wrapped according to the machine manufacturer‘s instructions and handled with reasonable care, the UV stability of the film and a lack of discharge is assured for up to one year in normal outside conditions
  • Trouble free wrapping: Unterland EfW film will run on all makes of wrappers
  • Quality bales: Unterland EfW film is characterised by high puncture, high tack and excellent tear resistance for protection protection and integrity
  • More profitable usage: The optimised stretching properties of our film will assure high usage profitability
  • Humidity barrier: Our special extrusion process together with selected raw materials creates a film with the highest humidity barrier
  • Environmentally sound: Waste sealed in our EfW film is no longer a threat to the environment. When wrapped correctly, moisture cannot leak out to penetrate into soil and smells are kept to the absolute minimum


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