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Market Applications

Coveris is one of the leading manufacturers of premium plastic films and offers innovative and top quality stretch films in the agricultural range for the wrapping of silage bales. Developed with the know-how from over 20 years of agriculture film production, with 'Unterland Cast-C5' Coveris offers a special 5-layer film. The state of the art production process enables us to produce a cost optimised film with the use of high quality resins.

Performance Benefits


  • Efficiency: Due to the special extrusion process (5-layer cast) we offer you a cost efficient alternative to common agristretch films
  • Excellent film quality: Consistant film thickness, best tack behaviour and perfect runnability characteristics due to state of the art production lines and process
  • Standards: Use of high quality resins, UV-stabilisation: protection for 12 months
  • Handling/Storage: Excellent handling and storage possibilities of the silage bales due to one side tack


  • Austria