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Coveris, a leading European manufacturer of flexible packaging solutions, is presenting at Agritechnica 2019 trade show in Hannover a revolutionary film solution for agricultural industry – Coveris Unterland Crystal Film. Beside several other Unterland branded silage wrap qualities, Coveris Unterland Films offers a quite revolutionary product; the complete transparent Unterland Crystal. The Unterland Crystal quality can be used on all wrapper types without any adjustments and protects the bales in the same way as coloured film during a guaranteed one-year outdoor storage period.


Beside benefits such as immediate problem recognition during the silage process, simplifying bale trading and a good fit in the landscape, an additional benefit like less bird damage was proven by special observations organized by the Austrian Agricultural Research and Education Centre Höhere Bundeslehr- und Forschungsanstalt Raumberg-Gumpenstein.


With the used farm films recycling discussion being more up to date than ever, the latest benefit seems to be the attractiveness of the Unterland Crystal recycling, based on feedback from several European recyclers. “Our latest solution is answering the growing market demand for better recyclable silage films while maintaining the same protective and functional benefits of the several other Unterland branded coloured film qualities. After receiving positive feedback from many European recycling institutions, including Solway Recycling Ltd in Scotland and Emerald Isle Recycle in Northern Ireland, we believe it’s the right solution for the future. We are open to discussion with other institutions to promote the use of Unterland Crystal film across Europe for the benefit of the agricultural industry and the environment”, commented Martin Wildinger, Sales and Market Director for Agricultural Stretch from Coveris Kufstein.


Indeed, if farmers make the transition from coloured to transparent film (avoiding the risk of cross-contamination in the recycling process), the price of recycling could be considerably reduced or even eliminated. “At a time where there is a huge push on the industry to reduce our plastic waste and increase our recycling potential, clear wrap is a game changer, as it opens so many more recycling opportunities, which should help reduce the cost of recycling to farmers”, commented Roy Hiddleston, CEO of Solway Recycling Ltd.


To meet several customer’s expectations, the Unterland Crystal is available in two versions:

1. High transparency – puncture resistance as per UFP: ≥ 3N

2. Medium transparency – puncture resistance as per UFP: ≥4N


Unterland Crystal should be available at your local Unterland film distributor. In case of any questions, or if you would face any difficulties to get access to the product, please get in touch with Coveris at www.unterland-coveris.at.


Learn more about Unterland Crystal film by visiting Coveris stand C03 in hall 27 at Agritechnica trade show in Hannover, Germany, from 10th - 16th November 2019.