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Coveris Kufstein switches to 100% clean energy, using only natural sources like wind, water, sun and biogas for its power supply.

Coveris Kufstein which was recently certified by TÜV Austria is proud of being a first mover towards 100% green energy.  The company is now sourcing its entire power needs from a combination of renewable energies with hydro power (85%), wind power (9%), solar power (1%) and the remaining 5% coming from biogas and biomass.

“Coveris is situated in picturesque Tyrol, an exceptionally clean and protected region, and we have more than enough natural resources at hand to rely only on green energy which has no adverse impact on our environment”, states Jakob A. Mosser, CEO of Coveris.

Continuous efforts are also made to minimize residual waste at the Tyrolean plant and a closed-circuit cooling system is used throughout the entire factory, hence reducing water consumption.

“And we are not done yet. Sustainability is an essential aspect of the modernization of our plants. We keep on investing across the Coveris network in lowering our emissions and in further leveraging renewable energy sources, striving towards our ‘no waste’ vision”, concludes Jakob Mosser.



Barbara Sternig
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