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Cory joined Coveris Burnley in March 2019 and quickly settled in the customer service team as an apprentice. Since joining, Cory has been working towards an OCR Level 3 Diploma and on course to complete his apprenticeship this month in March. Alongside his customer service responsibilities, Cory is his team’s representative on the site’s employee forum and received a Print Futures Award in 2019, an initiative by The Printing Charity to attract and retain new talent in the industry.

Here’s an insight into Cory's experience so far.


What attracted you to the role of Customer Service Executive (CSE) apprentice at Coveris Burnley?

It was during my interview that I really got a positive feel for what the role was about. I was told how each day would vary, the processes involved, and I saw how professional everybody was in the office. I had another job opportunity at the time, but I knew I could learn so much more here, and it hasn’t disappointed.


What have you enjoyed most about your apprenticeship?

It sounds cliché but the fact I have learned new skills and processes will set me up for future endeavours. You don’t necessarily learn those types of skills when studying at college/university, so I find an apprenticeship the perfect way to learn.


Is working in customer service what you expected?

Not at all. I assumed I would have to follow transcripts, whilst being told what to do and when to do it. I have found that we are given a free rein and are able to be ourselves when dealing with customers.


What is your biggest achievement at Coveris so far?

I would have to say my biggest achievement so far is reaching a level where I am trusted to manage my own customers. One of those customers has recently said that the way I manage the account is the benchmark they are setting the rest of their suppliers, which is nice to hear.


What are the biggest challenges?

The biggest challenges are making sure I keep myself motivated to complete my coursework, whilst balancing it alongside my workload, but again it has helped me develop organisational skills.


What do you find most interesting working in the packaging industry?

I never knew there was so much time and effort put into packaging, which as a consumer you don’t realise.


What is your favourite part of being in the Coveris team?

Within my department everyone is so supportive of one another. Should we see somebody struggling we offer a hand, and it makes coming to work more enjoyable. On a whole I enjoy that members of other departments are always willing to sit down and explain what they do which widens our knowledge.


What’s next once you have completed your apprenticeship?

Once I have completed my apprenticeship the plan is to stay on as a full-time member in the Customer Service team and further develop my skills and knowledge.


Do you have any advice for someone considering applying for an apprenticeship?

If you see an opportunity to apply for an apprenticeship with Coveris, then I would say ‘just go for it’. If you are fortunate enough to be successful in your application then make sure you take in every bit of support, as well as knowledge from those around you, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. I really believe that if you listen and show a willing to improve each day then you will reap the rewards come the end of the apprenticeship.


Outside of work, what are your interests?

I like to spend time with my partner, and two children, going on days out when we can. I also love playing football, which I do a couple of times a week (Covid-19 restrictions permitting).


Thanks for sharing your story, Cory. Interested in career opportunities at Coveris? Visit coveris.com/careers/join-the-team