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The alarming climate changes and progressing global warming puts a pressure on both business and governments to make some drastic changes. Coveris' Neuwied plant in Germany speeds up in the sustainability race by switching to 100% natural gas.

The key reason behind the decision to switch completely their production to natural gas was efficiency – it is confirmed that natural gas appliances work significantly faster, more efficiently and produce more heat compared to alternative methods. As a result, the plant significantly reduced CO2 emissions, at the same time generating ca. 20% savings which sum up to 40,000 EUR annually.

Besides the significant energy and costs savings, switching to natural gas offered additional benefits. As the plant management underlined, another crucial advantage was the increased operational safety as the older system was often failing. By modernising the system, Coveris Neuwied eliminated 100,000 litre gas containers and improved environmental protection for the benefit of both employees and local residents.

“By moving to alternative energy sources Coveris Neuwied sets a good example for other flexible packaging manufacturers. We believe that switching to natural gas was a necessary and natural step that benefits both our customers, employees and local environment”, commented Jakob A. Mosser, CEO of Coveris.


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