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Coveris has undertaken a major investment programme in new generation extrusion and pre-stretch assets to upgrade its offer in stretch film production for industrial and agricultural applications. This extension of its capacity in coextruded films will be located at the Coveris facility in Winsford, UK, forming a Centre of Excellence for stretch film development and production.


The expansion of capacity includes multi-layer extruders plus new generation pre-stretch assets and supports the leading position of Coveris in both agritechnical silage films plus the Industrial blown hand and pre-stretch markets. Coveris already supplies its industry leading agricultural films on a global scale from its Kufstein, Austria facility, and the ability to support this with UK production capability significantly extends the Coveris offering. One of the key reasons for acquiring these assets is that the multilayer capability of these lines allows Coveris to extend its sustainable films offering to customers by increasing the amount of post-consumer and post-industrial waste within the products without jeopardizing film quality and performance.


“We are delighted that with this multi-million-pound investment, the transformation of our Winsford site takes a significant step forward. The first three-layer extrusion line will be fully operational by the end of November 2019, closely followed by additional lines which will be up and running by end of March 2020.”, comments Martin Davis, President of Coveris Films Business Unit, regarding the upgrading of the plant. The investment combines growth in capacity, product capability and geographical scope in order to better support the needs and requirements of customers. Within its films business Coveris combines world leading extrusion technologies with material science expertise and has been for more than 25 years at the forefront of innovative material developments and production.


“We are building the Winsford Centre of Excellence by using the decades of expertise and capability within our world class team at Winsford, and the growth in capacity, product capability and geographical scope which this investment provides aims to provide an unbeatable offering to our customers” summarises Mr Davis.


Product Explanation

Blown Hand Film: General pallet stabilisation. Different gauges/ strengths available depending on weight and geometry of load.


Pre-stretch Film: Pallet stabilisation for more uniform loads, block pallets and cages. Film is pretensioned to give a more uniform application/wrap. It offers potential for film savings over the blown hand equivalent.


Silage: Agricultural bale film for wrapping cut grass which provides winter feed for farm animals.


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