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Coveris has been awarded Flexible Plastic Pack of the Year in the prestigious UK Packaging Awards 2020. Its winning entry, Duralite R, marks a major step forward in the development of sustainable plastics for a circular economy.

Remaining fully recyclable, Coveris’ Duralite R next generation shrink film is manufactured with up to 100% recycled resin. Highlighting the benefits of effective plastic recycling and use of recycled content in a closed loop, Duralite R delivers a significant carbon footprint reduction of up to 54%.

Duralite R, used for secondary packaging applications such as multipack cans and bottles, features up to 50% post-consumer recyclate (PCR) and up to 50% post-industrial recycled material (PIW). The 50/50 blend of recycled content achieves a 54% carbon footprint reduction compared to the use of Duralite shrink film from virgin materials.

Using Coveris’ film science technologies, Duralite R polyethylene films are developed to maintain robust performance, functionality, line efficiency, award-winning print, shelf presentation and recyclability. In addition to printed, branded formats, Duralite R is also available unprinted for use within the supply chain enabling excellent product visibility.

Highlighting commitment to sustainability in its manufacturing model, Coveris responsibly operates a zero-waste policy at its UK extrusion facilities, with post-industrial waste (PIW) used as recycled content in its products including Duralite R.

Duralite R launched in the UK in a printed format with Lucozade Suntory for Ribena 12 x 500ml multipacks and is also used in various non-printed lines by a wider client base. More launches are in the pipeline as Coveris and businesses work towards sustainability targets for packaging.

Martin Davis, Coveris Films BU President said, “Our commitment to developing sustainable, high performance and recyclable packaging is evident throughout our operations from sourcing and lean manufacturing processes through to product innovation. The launch of Duralite R supports our vision of ‘no waste’ and demonstrates the effective use of recycled content in recyclable packaging as part of a closed loop system; significant for a sustainable future in plastic packaging. We are delighted this achievement has been recognised with the Flexible Plastic Pack of the Year Award at the UK Packaging Awards.”

Hear from one of the judges and go behind the scenes at Coveris in the UK Packaging Awards winner’s video for Flexible Plastic Pack of the Year


Coveris is also shortlisted for Cartonboard Pack of the Year with its innovative and lightweight sandwich skillet RecyclaLite, designed for resource efficiency and recyclability far in advance of 2020 and 2023 OPRL recycling criteria. Coveris’ IRN BRU 1901 label was a finalist in Label of the Year with a decorative, embellished design for the beverage brand.


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