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Coveris and Notpla have been announced as joint finalists in two categories at the British Sandwich & Food to Go Awards, otherwise known as the ‘Sammies’, for Notpla coated food cartons. Celebrating innovation, sustainability and quality within the food-to-go industry, the awards ceremony will take place on Thursday 4th May at the Royal Lancaster, London. 

New Product (Equipment/ Packaging) Award 

Notpla coated food cartons, converted and printed exclusively with Coveris, have been shortlisted in the Sammies’ New Product Award which recognises innovation within the industry. With aligning sustainability commitments to reduce waste, Notpla and Coveris have worked together extensively to create a range of printed food cartons that use Notpla’s award-winning barrier coating. Made from seaweed and plant extracts, Notpla coating is applied to sustainably sourced board and naturally breaks down in 4-6 weeks at end of life. Fully approved for food contact, Notpla coated food cartons provide the food-to-go and takeaway sector a unique range of protective and recyclable solutions.

Environmental & Sustainability Award 

Celebrating the effort being made to reduce the industry’s impact on the environment, Notpla coated board food cartons have also been nominated for the Environmental & Sustainability Award. With this packaging development, Notpla and Coveris have been working to address packaging and food waste challenges within the food-to-go and takeaway sector, providing an alternative to plastic packaging. 

Recognising their incredible innovation and commitment to sustainability, Notpla was awarded The Earthshot Prize, the world’s most prestigious environmental award, and Innovation of the Year at the UK Packaging Awards 2022. 

Good luck to Notpla and Coveris’ food-to-go team who continue to make waves in our vision of No Waste.