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The Challenge

The inspiration for Coveris’ Fibre CoverAll, an innovative universal carrier board, was drawn via a collaboration from food-to-go supplier Tri-Star and PJ’s Foods, who were looking for a solution to reduce the number of packaging formats for their CREATIVE LUNCH range of food-to-go products. 

PJ’s are a leading food-to-go manufacturer and distributor in Scotland producing 85,000 to 90,000 products per week for a wide selection of organisations including educational institutions, sports stadiums and in-flight caterers.

Their CREATIVE lunch range, featuring toasties, paninis, rolls, square cut sandwiches, baguettes and wraps, used six different packaging formats.

Coveris set to work on Tri-Star’s brief, using our NPD and CAD expertise to develop a versatile new solution for food-on-the-move

The solution

Fibre CoverAll is a universal carrier board incorporating horizontal and vertical pre-scores enabling it to be adapted to suit a variety of products in different shapes and sizes. The pre-scores allow packing line operatives to easily hand-form and fold or tear the board to suit the products being manufactured.

As part of the brief, the solution needed to work on existing packing lines and flow wrapping machinery in order for the product to be protected and withstand the chilled and transportation chain. 

Protecting against different ingredients, a barrier grease resistant coating is applied on the inner side of the board for both packaging and product presentation and quality.

The outer size of the board is printable for brand impact, consumer appeal and product messaging.

The result

Coveris has transformed the packaging for PJ’s Foods CREATIVE LUNCH range, enabling the switch from six different types of packaging to one versatile format: Fibre CoverAll. Products packed using this innovative format vary in size and shape from baguettes and sandwiches to toasties and paninis.

Designed to work on existing packing lines, PJ’s switch to Fibre CoverAll has achieved a simplified packaging supply chain and its associated benefits including reduced procurement and stock control complexities, while maintaining excellent product presentation, protection and visibility.

There are also greater efficiencies and less waste during the packaging manufacturing process through the rationalised number of packaging dielines and artwork, therefore requiring fewer plates and less press downtime, aligned with Coveris’ sustainability vision No Waste.

Fibre CoverAll features and benefits:

  • Versatile and adaptable pre-scored carrier board
  • Opportunity to reduce the number of packaging formats used within a range
  • Simplified packaging supply chain
  • Certified sustainably sourced cartonboard
  • Recyclable 
  • Grease resistant barrier
  • Printable on the outer side for brand impact and consumer appeal
  • Compatible for use on existing packing lines