Coveris is the partner of choice for the world’s leading brands because of our long history of delivering innovative solutions that enhance their product offering, delivering results based on unparalleled industry expertise, and responsibly managing our operations so that together we positively impact the lives of millions of consumers every day.


We consistently grow alongside our customers to create the next generation packaging and engineered coatings solutions, enabling our partners to remain advantaged in their markets. Coveris applies unrivaled industry expertise to anticipate our customer needs and then invest robustly in Research and Development to bring these solutions to market. Our manufacturing technologies ensure food safe quality, improved efficiencies and shortened lead-times that provide full supply chain value.


Having one of the broadest product offerings, Coveris delivers packaging and coating solutions that positively impact the lives of millions every day. As a true global leader, we have a keen understanding of core markets, affording us the capability to deliver innovative products and best-in-class service to the world’s most respected brands. Through close collaboration with our customers and suppliers, we are able to offer solutions across a wide array of structures, substrates (Rigid and Flexible; Paper and Plastic), and geographies that consistently provide value and competitive advantage.


As global citizens, we have a responsibility to provide value-driven solutions to our customers while preserving our world’s resources. Through continued collaboration with our stakeholders – customers, industry partners and suppliers – we strive to enhance our sustainability performance through:

  • Using more sustainable raw materials such as customer-engineered films containing post-consumer resin content or unique film structures containing eco-friendly resins (eg. GreenPE) or shipping sacks constructed from Sustainable Forestry Initiative-Certified papers.
  • Reducing product spoilage use through proprietary film structures, custom coatings or unique perforation patterns on fresh food packaging to extend the shelf life.
  • New processes and tools to eliminate waste from the entire value stream.

foodsafety-01FOOD SAFETY

Across Coveris, nothing is more important than Safety. Safety for our teammate, our solutions and the products they protect. Every facility adheres to strict operational processes, workplace training programs and adherence to industry best practices. We engage regional and international standard bearers such as the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQF) in the U.S., BRC Global Standards (BRC) in Europe, and other third parties to provide to audit and validate of our operational excellence our commitment.