Printed & Plain Films

Award winning printed and plain films for added protection, freshness and visual impact. All flexible formats can be optimized with Freshlife® technology for shelf-life enhancement and improved product presentation.

Form, Fill & Seal Films

Form, Fill & Seal (FFS) films provide the ideal solution for high-speed, bagged produce applications.

  • Superb visibility, functionality and protection
  • Multi award winning flexographic print up to 10 colors
  • Scientifically engineered to maintain quality, freshness & integrity
  • Strip paper or metallized lamination available for premium positioning & unique shelf appeal

Lidding Films

Our expert range of flexible lidding films offers high quality mono web through to complex laminate structures to cover all produce applications.

  • Tailored to suit various packaging atmospheres through Freshlife® technology
  • Expert clarity & functionality for optimized viewing & protection
  • Available in various lidded formats including single-ply & laminate structures, films are suitable for use with all aPET, rPET, cPET, PP, PS or PE lined trays & thermoformed base webs

Pre-made Bags

Low-gauge, high-clarity pre-made bags for easy filling and sealing.

  • Supplied in wicketted or roll formats
  • Flexible & efficient solution for manual & semi-automatic packing & sealing
  • Available in standard flat, gusseted or conical styles & bespoke formats

Functional Films

Technically advanced functional film solutions to improve openability, storage, portioning and reuse.

  • Reduced waste & improved lifecycle via improved integrity
  • Coveris’ advanced range of user-friendly solutions, include re-close formats, peel & reseal, easy-open seals & laser scribing for improved access
  • Combines unrivalled presentation with expert functionality