As specialists in the precision coating and laminating of films, foils and papers, our focus in the electronics industry is to help companies develop and manufacture coated and laminated substrates that perform crucial functions in the manufacture and operation of electronic equipment.

We apply complex coatings to challenging substrates in the creation of high performance electronic components resulting in significantly enhanced characteristics.

Our products under the tecnilith brand feature:

  • Duratool XL
  • Micro Matte Phototool
  • Artwork Protect Film

We assist companies to develop and manufacture coated and/or laminated substrates used in the manufacture of electronic products.Areas that we can help with include:

  • Dry film photoresist
  • Artwork protect films
  • Solder mask
  • Phototool
  • Flexible circuit laminates
  • Secondary battery components
  • Conductive films
  • Ceramic tapes
  • High performance tapes
  • Microfilm