Our goal is to deliver optimal, sustainable solutions that work to reduce overall environmental impact for both packaging and product. Sustainability at Coveris is all about delivering packaging that works to minimise the downsides and maximise the benefits for everyone.


Sustainable Leadership

Extending our environmental responsibility beyond our products, their resources and end-of-life function, we engage in sustainable business leadership across the entire value-chain.  

High Performance Packaging

  • Protection/enhancing shelf life (barrier properties for less product and food waste)
  • Reduced emissions (through production and supply chain optimisation)
  • Next life (material can be reused or recycled)
  • Post-consumer waste reintegration


  • Renewable materials (verified, compostable or bio-based)
  • Recycling-friendly materials (recycle without compromising quality or safety)
  • Material optimisation (less use of material, better recyclability)

Sustainability in Production

  • Optimisation of resources / lower emissions (heating/cooling of plants, light concepts)
  • Striving for zero waste concept (regranulation, recycling, reuse of material)
  • Green energy concepts


  • Active member in associations such as CEFLEX | Plastic Pact UK
  • Cooperation with Universities and waste management companies (ARA, Bonus, ADEME)

Visit our dedicated Pack Positive™ resource to learn more and find out how we're supporting the UK Plastics Pact.

Pack Positive™