Procurement Manager Energy

Job Title: Procurement Manager Energy
Location: Group Wide

Main duties and responsibilities:

  • Identify solutions for carbon management and updating energy monitoring records
  • Develop and implementing energy saving strategies
  • Manage trading and risk management strategies
  • Manage procurement of commodity piece of energy and execute wholesale trades
  • Monitor energy non-commodity charges, taxes and levies and identify industry incentive opportunities or subsidies
  • Manage utility budget
  • Develop working relationships with suppliers
  • Provide support to reconcile utility bills
  • Assist in the evolution and understanding of renewable energy solutions
  • Works closely with Engineering and Sustainability management teams in understanding the needs, objectives, and energy efficiency opportunities
  • Lead and manage energy efficiency projects
  • Perform energy audits

Required qualifications & experiences:  

  • Proven track record and experience in energy management 
  • Proven ability to evaluate energy markets, utility tariffs, policies, power contracts, or evaluating new energy efficiency opportunities and technologies
  • Familiarity with renewable credit programs, renewable project development, power forecasting and scheduling, portfolio management theory or alternative energy resources
  • Experience in energy wholesale trading
  • Understanding of power purchase agreements
  • Organizational skills, leadership, attention to details
  • Time management, communication abilities and strong computer skills

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