Performance & Industrial Applications

From the filling line to the field, we design tough, durable packaging options which you can trust to perform in even the most challenging environments. Our extensive experience in this market allows us to provide you with superior high-performance solutions in market sectors such as building materials, agriculture, logistics and chemicals & minerals.

  • We develop high-performance premade bags and rollstocks which are engineered for superior machinability on your filling lines.
  • Our leading expertise in extrusion enables us to scientifically develop complex layered structures and laminates for all applications.
  • Our products are designed to allow for reduced sifting and extended product lifecycle.
  • We are substrate agnostic, offering a variety of paper, plastic and woven polypropylene premade bags.
  • We offer performance-engineered packaging with special coatings and barrier options to ensure protection of your products in even the harshest of conditions.
  • Our packaging is designed to comply with your internal standards, as well as UNDOT requirements.