Food Service & Convenience Foods

Coveris offers packaging solutions that enhance consumer experience with safe, reliable and convenient on-the-go products. Whether you are grabbing a snack from a vending machine, a coffee from a quick service restaurant, or a sandwich from your local market or “Cash & Carry,” Coveris products ensure quality, freshness and safety of convenience foods around the world. We work closely with retailers, wholesalers and others in the food services industry, to provide a range of solutions that meet the increasingly diverse needs of consumers everywhere.

  • The high-quality and unique design of our on-the-go and ready meal packaging assures a supreme customer experience.
  • Our superior printing and graphics capabilities allow us to provide support and expertise to even the most challenging brand designs and decoration options.
  • Off-the-shelf cartonboard ranges provide creative and innovative vending solutions for convenience and food-on-the-move dining.
  • Our children’s meal kits include themed boxes, posters and toys for a complete promotional solution